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All the things [Oct. 18th, 2013|11:31 am]
"Excitement that resolved around records wasn't only due to their covers. On a "vinyl" record, the grooves become smaller as the record progresses. The frequency range changes and the amount of information per revolution is compressed, with less bass frequency available, Therefore, the end of a record sounds more shrill, more confused, more "exciting" to the listener, which enhances the experience of the record, unbeknownst to the average ear. it succeeds in creating a crescendo at the end of a song, along with the dramatic crashing of cymbals and song structure becoming unhinged as it goes into its repetitive mantrs, the as nausea "coda""

- ian svenonius

Everything matters and we all betray our personal truths through our seemingly meaningless tiny preferences (I.E. correct grammar, how you wear your hat, etc~)

All things you choose betray your true beliefs and/or lack thereof.

I love you all so goddamn hard. It's bananas. I have gone HAM
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Glitter Gorge Group [Oct. 16th, 2013|09:16 am]
It had a way of making everyone the same. That liar keeps us all striving for deceits. Just like that bitch liberty....fuck this pile of corpses. God damn fuck!

The Deity condemning coitus remark is just a highlight here. Sometimes I just wish I knew how Joan of Arc felt. Cavern of Ivory gems unable to stop flapping because of the overwhelming Myth in the air sacs.

Damn I want to narrate the fuck out of that story I believe I am supposed to roll out in. Fear and consequence of Sheol and Abaddon are perhaps too overwhelming to function through; Despite my relative Lady.

I hope I am fine to be the bridge between your 2 iceboxes, otherwise I may be making a huge mistake.
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AGAPE [Aug. 19th, 2012|10:10 pm]
Friday I worship your lacking and Wednesday I loath your strength. No! it's the worship and loathing of both that is so beautiful. Worship and loathing in the mortal realm...that's the story I am looking to write. Write I shall, just for me, always. Worship I shall, just for you, always. I want to sit and talk of worship and sparks and logic and meta till the sun is a twist in time and space. So many buttons, so little un-buttoning. That would look great on a pin I think.

Thank you dear little otter for the curves and squeaks. Thank you tall little Ostrich for your comrades and patterns. Thank you ma.JEST.tic little(HA!) World tree for the wisdom of Odin (Lock Key). Thank you perfect little mein dotcha for bringing me to the land of myth and magic...only your fairy beauty could lure me from the trap of angels.

Thank you shortest little poem for your many letters.
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D.own E.mpathic E.arthling P.lease [Apr. 26th, 2012|09:12 am]
[music |Deep Blue (HA!) -Ladytron]

It is only shallow people who require years to get rid of an emotion. A man who is master of himself can end a sorrow as easily as he can invent a pleasure. I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.
— Oscar Wilde

Domination of symbols,Competition with your flippers and your claws,our left and right tools as rivals.
Wary(was that the word?) of my mastery perchance?,wary of my waves and winds. A weather witch you scream! Burn her/him! I refuse to be wary of the weather...it is just percentages of predictable patterns based on previous data. a lack of our "ages namesake" is fear, death, and the gnashing of teeth. Abaddon and Sheol are all you need to know for certain. AGAPE! That's what you seek all your days...Abaddon and Sheol may be the "truth" but Agape is the quest.

Ciao Bella rigid concepts based on data...we have not enough data to declare you. Ciao Bella our revisions. Who wrote you down? Same ass who made fences I say, Ciao Bella?! More like Ciao sticking excuse for a concept! I will dance upon the grave of F.alse A.sserations C.alculated T.ogether S.toicly. Singing incorrect lyrics and renditions of songs wrongfully attributed to false artists. I will replace all your fences with roads...there is more of balance to that. Roads to be traveled, that great Pattern that has twists and turns but leads to one true center from which you can travel anywhere. That is the order I seek....FENCES is a fuckface, they were working with that Trujillo motherfucker I know it.

I think I know what the center looks like...just like you. You dropping through your own asshole and shaken. You get that right? like a tight sweater taken quickly off you body. That is where Agape is, that's the civilization that wine maker was talking about
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P.antheon O.f P.leasure [Feb. 27th, 2012|09:39 pm]
Imagine a roller coaster ending in ecstasy and beginning with enlightenment.

Let us imagine it a corkscrew, the circles getting smaller and smaller until it is just one long bath of ecstasy and enlightenment blending and bleeding into each other.

This Ouroboros corkscrew Coaster is filled with Pink Polk-a-dotted Ganesha and 2 dimensional soft Mother of Graces softly and gently gathering heat and excitement. Whirling Dervishes Dream of such a powerful potent potion of poly-dimensional pleasure pounding pops. Vibrations that mimic the dance of Shiva in all his glory

A spark you say? The flaming pillar falls upon this spot! Splits the very splitting of spacetime fabrics. A neutron neutrino neon note nodding next notions to ex nihilo....THE MESSAGE frighteningly clear....yet

remember the first two rules? That is what it is. That is the clear rules of the awake and the saint. All those ancient names must have written it in the labyrinth and iceboxes, given us anchors and weights to carry all the way to the sharp point. That's why it takes such heat and wisdom!!...such lovely wax wings cannot survive the first two rules, but they don't need to

YES that is the way of it! vox always brings vin. Vin is VISH.k.N.ow what I m.U.tter?

Empedocles! Throw off your sandals and hold this plan, my very symbol of Shiva attached to my limbs. I shall draw that force that has made my physical and spiritual homelands inside of me and leap inward when the moment calls...just as Joe did and just as Darth discovered accidently.
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Timequakes and circle flames [Dec. 6th, 2011|11:00 pm]
I want to do it again just to remember what it was I did.

For now fictions about heating life in the dark will suffice for a life I cannot recall
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Yes oh Yes Dance my in your cosmic Philosophy [Dec. 5th, 2011|08:26 pm]
Hello my children!
Hello my sons!
Hello my daughters!
Hello my brothers and sisters!

I'm here to tell you that the world's last unpleasant experience
Will be a precisely dateable event!

Yes! It will happen in our lifetimes if we commit all of our energy today
To the task of Paradise Engineering!

Up! Up! Out! Eyes closed! We'll move at the speed of light!
Expanding! Expanding! Faster and faster!

Until we become so large and so blissful that we will no longer actually exist!
Our speed will be so great that everything will come to a stop!

We will gaze upon the entire Universe!
The future exists first in our imagination
Then in our will
Then in reality

If there was a hell
That's where I belong
For breaking all the rules
And singing all these songs

If you want me to be your father I will be your dad
And if you want me to be your mother I will be your mom
If you want me to be your friend I will be your friend
But if you want me to be your God, yeah, I will be your God!

Hey, are you a God?
Or are you a saint?
Tell me, what are you?
I am just awake!
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Grams of Friction [Nov. 8th, 2011|08:47 pm]
I experienced a dream within a dream. That which my Dante goes on and on about as he climbs his boring hill to ever more boring spheres. On arriving to this place it seemed I could rouse my self again, shaking off my flesh for another fractal mirror disco. The delight I was experiencing in this tent while I hung in a death within a death was significantly more visceral then those in the first level.

That Poet pilgram had it right, synthesia and all. I am there even now...rolled up in a ball and shining bright. Friction of my soul cut right through my neurons.

The thinking of the knowing of things collects too much gravity...the third eye has a hard time seeing from so low to the ground. Those umbrellas of anti-gravity are much needed now. Poppins and I spy a 10th or 11th gleam of crystal sweet.

Union of matter is a a matter of fact...I would like beyond facts please
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fractal forms and formaldahyde [Oct. 18th, 2011|10:36 am]
[Current Location |New Orleans, Read Blvd, ]

the philosophy of love and chaos is my religion....I long to break balance now. i thought balance curbed by love to be the key. the destruction of this world by the unification of all its elements is my religion chaos and destruction brought by the universe humming in love

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barian [Sep. 27th, 2011|09:20 am]

bi literal oration global. codes and symbols decifered.


all this while shattered ice, sharper then diamond lies on my deus ex machina. spear find your mark. sooner then later I communicate through r(ark)io to that birdhouse.


at least i find reason to read t.s....a light in such deep pitch

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